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Legal measures to tackle economical challenges of coronavirus outbreak / Daily update on actions & solutions /

Due to extreme circumstances, none of us experienced before, PRIMUS DERLING lawyers hereby provide you with certain insights and most recent updates on actions in this extraordinary situation. 

N.B. Even in such extreme circumstances, assessment of each situation has to be individual.
We are at your disposal to help you cope with the challenges during this difficult time because we care for you and your business.

Pan Baltic

Due to extreme circumstances, the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have set out the packages of temporary, timely and targeted measures to support people and businesses through this period of disruption caused by COVID-19.

Taking into account huge demand of law-savvy decisions today, under current circumstances it is nearly impossible to follow all the daily changes in the legislative framework. Thus, the following is a Comparison summary, so called pan-Baltic checklist, of the principal measures and initiatives that the governments are implementing in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis.

Comparison of measures taken in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is a united project of lawyers in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn of the pan Baltic law alliance DERLING PRIMUS.

2020.04.07 Support during emergency period-pan Baltic-Derling-Primus-LT-LV-EE COVID-19 checklist-vol.3

“This week Estonian parliament began the reading of 2.6bn worth amendments to the 2020 budget and a crisis package amending 33 laws. While most of the amendments relate to the state of emergency (e.g. extending the validity licenses and permits), the package has been criticised for including permanent amendments (e.g. on delegating powers from the parliament to the government on graduation exams, or limiting residence rights of aliens).” – Hannes Vallikivi, Derling Primus partner in Estonia.

2020.03.30 Support during emergency period-pan Baltic-Derling-Primus-LT-LV-EE COVID-19 checklist-vol.2

“Government declared its intention to provide aid for employers. Employers rely on it. But the draft laws (Law on Occupancy, etc.) prepared for this purpose and today discussed at the Parliament seem not to be adequate and, if adopted, might prevent many businesses from benefiting from such aid – leaving such business in further shock. Leaving us, lawyers, too, in shock.” – Giedrė Dailidėnaitė, Primus Derling partner in Lithuania.

Hannes Vallikivi, Derling Primus partner in Estonia, points out financial measures: “In Estonia, beginning of this week has brought news on reduction of penalty interest on tax arrears and more detailed terms of the KredEx loan guarantees. We expect a bill regulating pending court disputes and enforceability of claims to be published later this week as well as announcement of the second stimulus package (in addition to the 2nd package announced two weeks ago).”

2020.03.26  Support during emergency period-pan Baltic-Derling-Primus-LT-LV-EE COVID-19 checklist-vol.1

2020.03.20   Support during emergency period / pan-Baltic comparison

Relevant updates in each jurisdiction

Estonia please follow weekly updates with relevant comments in the link →derlingprimus.eu/covid-19/


2020.04.02 → Memo-emergency situation-Latvia-LV-EN-vol.3

2020.03.25 →  Memo-emergency situation-Latvia-LV-EN-vol.2

2020.03.23 Memo-emergency situation-Latvia-Lv-En-vol.1.

2020.03.23 Latest amendments to the Commercial law-Latvia


2020.03.30 Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.9

2020.03.25 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.8

2020.03.24 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.7

2020.03.20 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.6

2020.03.19 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.5

2020.03.18 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.4

2020.03.17 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.3

2020.03.16 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En-vol.2

2020.03.15 → Memo-quarantine-Lithuania-Lt-En

BASIS: The Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Governments declared the Emergency Situation (the quarantine regime) in connection to COVID-19 in each country.

N.B.: the website of each municipality should also be followed for information on how each municipality will secure implementation of quarantine regime in its territory.

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