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Business areas where women are the most successful

In an article “Business areas where women are the most successful“, published by BZN start, Ernesta Žiogienė, partner at Primus Lithuania, talks about businesses created by women. The article represents the upcoming BZN start Business Woman Awards 2018, which will be held on 7 June and is dedicated to appreciate and encourage young, innovative, creative and bold business initiatives created by women.

“Today women more decisively enter the world of business. They evaluate risks and carefully analize the market,” says Primus partner Ernesta Žiogienė in an article presenting the upcoming Business Woman Awards 2018.

Whole article in Lithuanian language is available here.

Ernesta is one of the judges at the Business Woman Awards giving her vote for Best Value Startup of the Year, Most Creative Startup of the Year and Most Innovative Startup of the Year awards.



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