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White Collar Crime

“Always comes up with suggested choices for solutions.”
(Chambers Global, 2018)

Our lawyers help clients to defend their interests in various criminal and judicial proceedings, relying on around 20 years of experience. Our work also includes defence against the activities of the authorities, provision of advice to companies in investigations and collection of facts for legal action. In international cases we can rely on extensive experience of working in different jurisdictions and on valuable contacts with leading foreign law firms.

Legal services:

  • Defending clients in pre-trial and court proceedings
  • Official misconducts
  • Enforcement actions
  • Investigations to support due diligence
  • Fraud investigations

Our team’s experience includes:

  • Defending the Remontowa shipyard in a case of white-collar crime.
  • Defending Indrek Kuivallik, the founder and owner of AS Starman, in relation to charges of misuse of inside information.
  • Defending AS Liviko, one of the oldest and best-known vodka producers in Estonia, as well as related parties regarding offences of competition law.
  • Defending an official from the Ministry of Education and Research against bribery charges.
  • Defending AS Selver and related parties in competition law proceedings.
  • Successfully represented the shareholders of a huge Latvian construction company in numerous claims and legal proceedings against its former directors, employees and subcontractors for fraud, embezzlement and incurring of damage to the company’s Lithuanian branch.
  • Defending the Deputy Director of Murru Prison in court proceedings related to charges of obstruction of justice and non-implementation of state supervision.
  • Defending the Head of the Narcotics Bureau of the South Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board in court proceedings related to charges of disclosure of state secrets and falsification of documents.
  • Representing Norwegian entity in the case of a hostile and fraudulent share takeover by a former Lithuanian business partner.
  • Defending AS Lemeks Sadamad in a matter related to charges of concealment of tax liability.
  • Defending AS Barrel MKT and related parties against charges related to the infringement of public procurement requirements.
  • Defending Swedish and Italian companies against charges of concealment of tax liability and money laundering.
  • Representation of a New Zealand company in a case where fraud was committed against the company and funds were stolen with involvement of a Lithuanian entity to which part of the funds were transferred.


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