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Martynas Kalvelis: a national expert for Lithuania in the project of Edge Hill University

Our sports law experts Martynas Kalvelis and Marius Devyžis are constantly asked to share their comments and insights about various sport related disputes.

Just yesterday, Edge Hill University has published a Report on Promoting and Supporting Good Governance in the European Football Agents Industry. Senior Associate Martynas Kalvelis, Sports and Litigation lawyer, took a part in the project and assisted with this Report as a national expert for Lithuania.

Please find Report in the link: Promoting and Supporting Good Governance in the European Football Agents Industry FINAL REPORT October 2019

Also, still hot topic among football fans are the very recent incidents. About a month ago a Lithuanian football team played a Euro 2020 qualification match with Portugal. Although it captured the attention of a lot of football fans and the tickets were sold very fast, one peculiar thing happened outside the stadium. A Facebook page of a local football magazine “Sveiks Valio”  shared a picture of the Lithuanian national football jersey but with Ronaldo’s name and player number 7 on it. It got noticed and provoked a discussion about the legality of selling such football jerseys. Our Sports & Litigation lawyer Martynas Kalvelis shared his comment to on potential infringement of image rights of an athlete (or even trademark) by producing and selling shirts without his/her consent. Check the article for more information.

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