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New Labour Code in Lithuania. What you should know?

After a long discussion, on the 6 June 2017, the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania approved draft amendments of Labour Code. It is expected that the new Labour Code will enter into force on 1 July 2017.

The purpose of the new Labour Code is to update labour laws and principles as well as apply rules of labour law to changing market needs and create a more attractive investment environment.

How should we prepare for changes after the new Labour Code enters into force? We recommend to take the following actions:

  1. Check what is the average number of employees working in your company (it will depend on what rules will be applicable);
  2. Collect all current regulations and documents governing employment relations in your company at this moment;
  3. Check what employment relations you have with your employees (we offer our assistance in considering any other alternatives set in the new Labour Code that could better correspond to current model of employment relations);
  4. Review your standard employment contract (we will update current employment contract by taking into account the changed regulation and will help you to prepare new standard contracts for special cases, if there is a need to conclude relations as a new type of contract such as contract for project work, contract for job-sharing employment etc., also we will assist you in drafting the procedure of paid remuneration);
  5. Review other agreements with employees such as non-competition and confidential agreements, contracts of full material liability, if they have been concluded (we will help to prepare a package of standard documents / update your current documents);
  6. Adjust the current labour procedures, policies and rules as well as confirm additional necessary documents and initiate processes depending on the number of employees (e.g. election of labour council).

To save your precious time, we have made a summary of the most important information regarding new amendments of the Labour Code.

Download: New Labour Code. What you should know?

Primus lawyers will be happy to assist you in any matters related to the amendments of new Labour Code.


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