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No alcohol gifts to clients this Holiday Season in Lithuania

The Christmas season is finally here. We hurry with presents to visit our clients, partners and colleagues. It is no secret that one of the most popular business presents for Christmas is a bottle of good wine or other premium drink. However, it seems that this year companies in Lithuania will have to be more creative and consider how to replace this popular business gift with something else because of the recent amendments to the Law on Alcohol Control of the Republic of Lithuania, which forbids all companies to give alcohol as presents.

From the 1st of November onwards the scope of subjects falling under the provisions of Article 28 of the Law on Alcohol Control has been expanded. This means that up to the 1st of November  2016, the prohibition to give alcohol gifts applied only to companies having the right to sell alcohol (companies owning respective licenses). Now this prohibition extends to all companies, meaning that no entity engaged in economic or commercial activities can give alcohol as gifts, nor present these drinks as awards, benefits, prizes, etc.  The provisions of the aforementioned article are not applied for alcohol bought for representation purposes.

In case of the breach of the requirements of the Article 28, monetary penalties ranging from 289 EUR to 2896 EUR will be applied. For each repeated infringement, penalties from 2896 EUR to 5792 EUR will be applied.

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