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29.06.2015 ESP portal – not only a tool for lawyers

News portal has published an article „ESP portal – not only a tool for lawyers”, in which Primus (previous firm mane – VARUL) partner Marius Devyžis and associate Andrius Lukašonokas discuss the functionality of the Lithuanian court e-services portal (ESP) and analyse the reasons why this e-government portal still cannot replace the old system.

It is not surprising that today in the era of information technology you can submit your annual tax declaration or receive any other public electronic service through e-government portal, not to mention just buy anything from clothes to food products online. And yet, even though the internet occupies a special place in our daily routine, only a few know that since 1st July 2013 it is possible to get judicial services online in Lithuania.

Lithuanian court e-service portal is a special electronic platform, available at, where you can submit and access legal documents. The ESP portal already became an everyday tool for many attorneys and lawyers, which considerably simplifies the submission of documentation to courts and helps with other procedures, that were not possible to perform online before. Besides the fact that ESP is a very helpful tool for lawyers, it can be also beneficial for businesses and natural persons alike as they also have a lot of issues that the ESP can assist them with.

Read the full article (in Lithuanian) here.


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