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Giedrė dailidėnaitė: AI Technologies Regulation On The Way

AI technologies regulation on the way – the leakage official link is here and text released fully link is here

AI Regulation suggesting broad definition of AI system – software developed with one or more techniques and approaches (per Annex I) that can, for given set of human-defined objectives, generate outputs influencing environments they interact with.

AI Regulation applicable to all providers placing on market or putting into service AI system disregarding location of providers (in/outside EU); to users of AI system in EU; to providers and users from third countries if AI system output used in EU.

AI Regulation prohibits AI system – having significant potential to manipulate persons through subliminal techniques beyond their consciousness; exploiting vulnerabilities of specific vulnerable groups in order to materially distort behaviour so that is likely to cause them or another person psychological or physical harm; AI-based social scoring for general purposes done by public authorities; using ‘real time’ remote biometric identification systems in publicly accessible spaces for the purpose of law enforcement.

AI Regulation focuses on high-risk AI systems and their management.

AI Regulation reiterates transparency duty for systems interacting with humans, that are used to detect emotions or determine association with categories based on biometric data, or generate or manipulate content (‘deep fakes’).

So, let’s get into deep dive of AI Regulation – and let’s discuss!

By the way, the proposal for the New Machinery Regulation is released – the purpose to ensure safe integration of the AI system into the overall machinery link is here


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