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Have you ever wondered how to choose a law firm for a smooth M&A project?

PRIMUS senior associate Greta Bagdanavičiūtė who has led several LDDs performed by our firm hereby shares a few insights on how to choose a law firm for smooth M&A project.

We are not able to tell why one should choose others; however, we can confidently assure the following:
During the course of each project we can and do gather all specialists of our firm working in different areas of expertise. Each and every lawyer of ours is thoroughly trained with subtleties of proper performance of LDD of companies operating in any market. In this way we can aggregate our strengths and knowledge and always achieve the best outcome for our client.
Each time we carefully examine the client’s needs, targeted result of the transaction and thus we are always able to provide accurately summarized results of LDD. We never use the same system and the same templates for different cases. Moreover, we do not burden the client with any excess information – only with issues we deem to be the most important to the client.
Should the client wish to get an immediate and complex advice on LDD results or the forthcoming acquisition itself, for instance, from the taxation perspective, we do not need to waist the client’s time when introducing additional lawyer from the tax department into the deal – our tax lawyer most probably has already reviewed all provided data when performing LDD in her or his field of expertise. The client only needs to ask in order to get the answers right away.
Tough negotiations and opponents do not scare us. Voice your goals and we will represent your interests with appropriate means. We might look nice and easy but we are fierce when it comes to the client’s needs. Always.

They say that whenever you see a successful business, someone must have made a courageous decision once.
This is to let you know that we are more than ready to take part in yours.


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