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Martynas Kalvelis – author of the monograph “Sports Law in Lithuania”

Primus senior associate Martynas Kalvelis has contributed to the International Encyclopaedia for Sports Law, an international guide that encompasses both autonomous as well as state created rules regarding the variety of economic, social, commercial, cultural and political aspects of sports activities in various jurisdictions worldwide. Martynas Kalvelis wrote a monograph “Sports Law in Lithuania”, in which he gives a detail overview on sports governance in Lithuania, employment related issues in professional sports, doping and match-fixing as well as commercialization of sport.

The monograph is now available for purchase online here.

International Encyclopaedia for Sports Law

Sports law is developing on a global scale, which increases the interest in comparison and mutual learning.

While many legal rules in the area of sports law exist, there are almost no general and all-encompassing scientific studies on this subject and it remains difficult for both academics, practitioners (like sporters, sports organizations, sports lawyers) and policy makers to have access to and gain insight in sports law on international scene as well as at the various national levels.

The structure of the Sports Law is basically built up around two parts: monographs and documents. The documentary section provides the most relevant legal materials of an international concern in the area of sports. The monographs are structured per country, region or organisation. In the national monographs, attention is paid to the distinction between public regulation (laws and regulation from governmental or public authorities) and private regulation (regulation and by-laws from sports organisations).

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