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How will the labour market change in 20 years?

At the conference “NEXT Economy’18”, which was organised by BZN start, Robert Juodka, managing partner at PRIMUS in Lithuania, revealed few mind-blowing insights about how different jobs will change in the nearest future and how employees will have to adapt in order to remain competitive. An article “How will the labour market change in 20 years?” provides more Robert’s insights that were discussed at the conference.

“More than 200 years ago a man had to work for 6 hours in order he could earn enough money to buy a candle. About 50 years ago he needed only 8 seconds to earn enough money to buy a light bulb, currently only half of a second is enough to have the same. Capacity, times and people are changing and everyone needs to adapt. Labour market has to do the same,” says Robert Juodka.

Whole article (in Lithuanian language) is available here.


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